4 comments on “Fall Color in the Desert

  1. I had no idea bigtooth maples grow there — or if I ever knew, I’d completely forgotten it. I’ve always assumed Lost Maples was the only spot to see their autumn glory — provided you can get in, of course. The last two times a friend and I tried to visit there to see fall color, it was going to be a two hour or more wait parked alongside the road even to get into the place. I have a feeling there weren’t quite as many people here. Your timing certainly was perfect, and every photo is a gem.

    • This is one of those well-kept secrets of our state. It does require a rather difficult day hike to get to them…it’s a hike of 4.5 miles one-way with a climb of 1600 feet to get to Boot Canyon. You’re also climbing at an altitude of 7000′, so flat-landers have a little trouble with the altitude. That said, it’s certainly worth the hike. I was here three weeks ago and there was a beautiful black bear drinking from the creek that runs through Boot Canyon. I spoke to a young man in the canyon who had tried to get a campsite in Lost Maples Park several months ago, and it was already full. I’ve tried to hit the color change in this canyon for the past three or four years, and always seem to be a week early or a week late, so I really appreciate your comments about the images, Linda. It was a hoot.

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