4 comments on “Bikepacking Big Bend’s Fresno Canyon

  1. I recognized the candelilla, and remember reading about the candle-making; I think I must have read about it here. The outhouses amused me. On Hwy 35 just this side of Bay City, there’s an industrial construction site with both blue and pink port-a-potties. I’d stop and ask, but I really don’t want to find my assumption is wrong.

    I enjoyed the cottonwoods. Crossing western Kansas, I soon learned that they followed the water. And the Madrid house certainly is evocative. How is the name pronounced? I grew up near a town in Iowa that was MA-drid, rather than Ma-DRID.

    Thanks to the necessities of moving, it’s been a full three weeks since I’ve been out and about. It’s time to end that particular drought, and this marvelous post certainly is an encouragement!

    • I would love to know about the blue and pink outhouses. I’m like you…I hope it’s the obvious “boys blue, girls pink.” Down here the pronunciation is Ma-DRID. However, I spent 5 years in Missouri, and there’s a major geological fault, which was the cause of a major earthquake that was so strong, it caused the Mississippi river to run BACKWARDS TO THE NORTH for a few minutes…it’s pronounced MA-drid. I really have a tough time when I’m talking to locals about the Madrid house or the Madrid falls to not pronounce it that way.
      Glad your moving is over and you still seem sane (or as close to sane as you can get after a move). Yes, it’s time to get outside. That heals so much stress. It’s actually a fact that being outside in the sunshine releases endorphins that reduce stress in humans. Time to hike.
      Thanks for the comments, Linda.

      • The first earthquake I experienced, the Illinois quake of 1968 was on the Madrid fault. I was living outside Cedar Rapids, Iowa at the time, and the effects there were strong enough that I watched some glassware “walk” off a shelf.

        I’ve always said that one of the primary fringe benefits of my work as a boat varnisher is getting to spend my time outdoors. January and August present their challenges, but I’ve come to believe that all that sunshine does help to maintain my relatively sunny disposition.

  2. The New Madrid Fault has been barely moving for awhile, and I’ve read that the next really destructive quake could very well be along this fault, rather than the west coast. It could devastate Memphis, TN, with huge property damage and loss of life, due to the lack of quake-resistant construction.
    Didn’t know you were a boat varnisher. We used to own a Chris Craft 1956 runabout, and could have used your services. Great boat. No question that an outdoor job kept you bright and sunny! It really shows both in your writing and your photography. Thanks for the input.

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