6 comments on “Madrid Falls

  1. I enjoyed the sight of those bluebonnets – thanks for including them. As for the grotto, I never would have imagined such a place out there. I got a kick out of this: “The trail is faint, then when it disappears, just follow the path of least resistance.” That’s not bad advice for other life situations, now that I think about it.

    Do those pools drain, or simply evaporate? They’re remarkably green, which suggests algae and maybe a slow water flow, but in the next to last photo it does look like there’s an active stream.

    What a great experience, and great photos. I’ve wanted to visit some of the waterfalls that are around Texas, but I don’t think I’ll make it to this one!

  2. Bluebonnets were a total surprise! First I’ve seen anywhere this year.

    As for the pools, the waterfall is spring fed from above, so it really has to be very dry for a long time for this stream to dry up, resulting in a steady flow through the pools. The pools with the highest flow volume have no algae, while those on the periphery are green (excellent observation on your part).

    I usually try to follow the path of least resistance. Jodie & I have been married 54 years, and it’s partly due to a slogan that I have printed on a t-shirt of mine: “Yes, Dear.”

    Thanks, Linda, for reading and commenting. I always enjoy your posts as well.

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