Happy 50th. Earth Day

Today marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. To recognize its importance to those of us who cherish the natural beauty of this tiny planet we call home, I got out at 4:00 a.m. this morning to capture the Milky Way, including the galactic center which is now visible after its long winter nap below the horizon. This image captures the entire bow of the Milky Way, nearly from horizon to horizon…a sort of “MilkyWay-Bow” (with no rain, a rainbow is not an option this Earth Day). A Happy Earth Day to all!

Spring in Big Bend

As we all continue to deal with indoor confinement, we’re still finding ways to get outside for exercise, and in our case, primarily by bicycle. Spring here in Big Bend doesn’t know that it’s under a “shelter at home” order, and so it follows its normal pattern of the seasons. This year the wildflowers are far less spectacular than in years past, but we’ve managed to capture a few signs of spring by taking a camera with us while riding through the surrounding desert. Here are a few images that made us smile this past week:


IMG_6965 ocotillo cactus

Dog Cholla:

IMG_6970 flowers dog cholla

Purple Prickly Pear:

IMG_6982 flowers purple prickly pear

Strawberry Pitaya:

IMG_6979 flowers strawberry pitaya cactus


IMG_7034 bluebonnets flowers

Another sure sign of spring is the mating ritual of wild turkey. These gobblers were “struttin’ their stuff” just off the Post Road near town:

P1110400 turkey

P1110427 turkey

Not far away, pronghorn antelope had moved closer to town with fewer humans out and about to scare them away:

P1110370 pronghorn

P1110366 pronghorn

And finally, this roadrunner decided to play “tag” with my camera, staying just far enough ahead of me to elude posing for a decent photo:

P1110453 roadrunner

It’s spring…get outside whenever you can for sun and exercise. It will brighten your spirits and get you away from that computer screen! Stay safe and well.