Last Full Moon of 2020


Published by texasflashdude

Photography and Travel, specifically adventure travel and backpacking in remote North America, give me an excuse to stay outside. If kayaks, bikes, backpacks, Jeeps, archeology, geology and wildlife can be included, all the better. Having spent my life working in the fashion and photography industries, I love the unusual, the spectacular, and the beautiful. God has given us a wonderful world in which to live, and I try to open others’ eyes to its wonders. I have shared nearly 50 years of this indescribable wonder with my wife, Jodie, and we go everywhere together. I hope you will share some of our journey with us.

8 thoughts on “Last Full Moon of 2020

  1. You’re getting all the treats — at least, I assume so. Not only did you have this gorgeous view of the moon, I just saw a photo of snow over at the Marfa Prada outlet! Lucky, lucky you, if you get some snow.

    I was lucky enough to catch the moonrise myself. I happened to be atop the Hwy 146 bridge between Seabrook and Kemah, but the view of the moon over the bay was exceptional. Right time, right place.

    1. Yep. It’s been snowing here most of the afternoon, and we’re expecting up to 17″ total accumulation overnight. Can’t wait to see it tomorrow (New Year’s Eve) morning.
      I’m jealous of your view of the full moon over the bay…that’s such a classic image. I had a window of about 15 minutes between clouds.
      Happy New Year!

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