Late Summer on the South Rim

As fall approaches, so have the rains arrived in the Big Bend. And so, it’s time again to backpack up into the High Chisos trails and camp on the South Rim.   You certainly don’t hear “fall” and “flowers” spoken in the same sentence, but then again, it’s a different place, the Big Bend. It wasContinue reading “Late Summer on the South Rim”

Backpacking the Continental Divide

The Continental Divide. The backbone of our continent, where the waters running off the eastern slopes drain into the Atlantic and those going west drain into the Pacific Oceans. The location of our latest backpacking adventure. My longtime climbing and backpacking partner Joe and his wife Sara met me in southern Colorado over the FourthContinue reading “Backpacking the Continental Divide”

High Uintas Wilderness

The Uinta Mountains are the highest east-west oriented mountain range in the U.S.  They are located in the extreme northeast corner of Utah, and extend into Wyoming, and are a sub-range of the Rocky Mountains.  They contain the highest peak in Utah, Kings Peak, at 13,528 feet.  I last backpacked in these mountains in 2004,Continue reading “High Uintas Wilderness”

Blood Marks the Trail

If you love the outdoors, and especially the desert outdoors, then you have probably read Edward Abbey, and in particular, Desert Solitaire.  The line in that book that has forever branded itself into my psyche reads, “In the first place you can’t see anything from a car; you’ve got to get out of the goddamned contraptionContinue reading “Blood Marks the Trail”

Up on the Great Divide

August always brings me to the annual backpack trip, and this year we headed off to southern Colorado to hike a section of the Continental Divide Trail, or CDT, one of the three border-to-border through-hiking trails in the U.S. We planned to hike from near Silverton, CO, to a trailhead near Pagosa Springs, CO…a distanceContinue reading “Up on the Great Divide”